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How do you like my games? Take my game poll!

My Game Choices
How Do You Like My Game Choices?

Yes, they are good choices
They are ok choices
No, they are not good choices



Bejewled 2

Get all groups of 3 before there are none!

Black Knight

Whack the pesky peasants and get lots of coins!


Adventure Quest RPG

As you raise your level, kill monsters, do quests and buy spells armor and weapons!

Homestar Runner

A funny world of characters full of movies, emails, toons and games!


The ultimate game of life while you raise your levels, buy items and get to know your way around the massive realm of runescape!

Penguin Throw

Swing your bat and hit the falling penguin! More points rewarded for longer distance!

Candy Train

Switch the moving tracks and collect cars before you run off the track!

Some good game websites:

Miniclip Games

Addicting Games


MitkoWeb Games

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